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Lastly there are Fans who believe Nattramn is still living at Sigfrids sjukhus to this very Day. Nattramn, whose birth name is speculated to be Mikael Nilsson, is a Swedish musician and author. He is best known for his vocal performance in the band Silencer. On Silencer's sole album, Death - Pierce Me, Nattramn utilized a bizarre style consisting of high-pitched shrieking and other extreme vocal techniques, allegedly exacerbated by self-harming while recording. Little is known regarding the identity of Nattramn due to his choosing to live his life in anonymity. His age is Nattramnen visar sig endast nattetid och då oftast vid större högtider. Den flyger i luften i fågelskepnad och utstöter ett knarrande ljud, som liknar gnisslet från ett osmort vagnshjul. Den flyger alltid från väster till öster och aldrig närmare marken än vad en oxe bär oket.

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Rumour has it he also went to a playground with an axe and buried it in a 6 year old girl's forehead Nattramn is the stage name of singer Mikael Nilsson, from the Swedish band “Silencer”. Around this character there are a lot of rumors, but their accuracy and veracity has never been proven. The story of Nattramn It is said that Nattramn, during a recording, cut off his hands and saw pork stumps to his limbs to replace them. Hello, does anyone here has further information about these rumors about Nattramn attacking a little girl with an axe?

Nattramn's psychotic howls are arguably the defining characteristic of the band's sound, as well as what makes the band such a massive BaseBreaker.

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The band Nattramn never attacked a girl with an axe. Instead  The second one is the rumour that Nattramn attacked a five-year-old girl with an axe, and begged the police to shoot and kill him. And finally, there is a rumour  Now you all may remember all the bullshit stories about Nattramn on the Internet - "Nattramn drove an axe into the skull of a five-year old",  2019-04-04: Demon Head + Nattramn 2019-03-14: Miasmal + Maim 2018-10- 01: Acid King + Child 2018-10-02: Vulture's Vengeance + Tungsten Axe Dec 9, 2014 With Leere's amazing musicianship and Nattramn's deeply disturbing - Nattramn tried to kill a little girl (sometimes said it was two) with an axe.

Nattramn axe

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Nattramn axe

Pro 034; CD). Genres: Depressive Black Metal. Rated #667 in the best albums of 2001. Buy WOW Classic accounts (EU) from reputable WOW Classic Accounts sellers via secure marketplace. Cheap, fast, safe and 24/7. Axe-Crazy/Insane = Violent: Nattramn, at least according to the rumors about him; such rumors include him cutting off his hands and replacing them with pig feet,  This page is about Nattramn Ax Attack,contains Chaos in Sydney neighbourhood after axe attack leaves two ,METAL ROCK ATITUDE UNDERGROUND  Shining Black Metal Band · Brake Lathe Silencer · Nattramn Axe Attack · Rockwood Door Silencer 608 · Silencer T-Shirt · Silencer Logo · 80% Suppressor Kits  Jan 4, 2013 The Legend Of Nattramn from Silencer Mikael Nilsson nicknamed Nattramn escaped the hospital and hit a 6 year old girl with an axe in a  Nov 14, 2017 A black metalist attacked a child with an ax. Nattramn from the Swedish black metal band, Silencer, has a lot of myths about his persona.

Axel. Axeman. Axene.
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Nattramn axe

Dark Fantasy ArtFantasy WorldDark ArtDcc RpgWie Zeichnet Man  Nattramn: the truth behind the rumors | Black metal, Death Sweden Rock Rumors. VICIOUS RUMORS - Warball [Album Reviews] - Metal Express Radio. Axe Killer. (fra).

An awesome thing about Nattramn as a vocalist is that he is actually rather good at both ends of the “black metal vocal range”. 2010-12-09 · Nattramn has had psychological problems for a while, and he has been to mental institutions every now and then.
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Hello, does anyone here has further information about these rumors about Nattramn attacking a little girl with an axe? What I have on my hands is this news article from 2001: "Allegedly, Nattramn randomly drove an axe into the skull of a 5-year-old girl in 2001, failing to kill her by mere millimeters. As police arrived on the scene, he attempted to commit suicide-by-cop by shouting 'Kill me! Kill me!' with the axe still in his hands.

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The wrath of the berserk, slashes and tears, falling axes, moaning and screams, thundering horns, broken steel.

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Public Figure. Tungsten Axe. Musician/  Dekadenta Gossar. Musician/Band. Nattramn.

2015-05-31 Ereb Altor: Nattramn (Eng) 2013-05-02 Molly Hatchet: Paying Tribute (Eng) 2012-01-26 Lillian Axe - XI: The days before tomorrow (Eng). Nattramn, lit. Night Raven.